1. Kareem nurudeen o

    I’m kareem,
    Please i need your help so lack the basic knowledge about electronics… Pls i need your elightment about it and what to do…

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    Nice collection! Also, pin headers are available in “pinhead.lbr”. Either way, I guess I will make my own blog post about this.

  3. Nice list. It would have been more better if you would also have shared the download link to download these libraries. and also some link to download non-default eagle libraries.

  4. Very helpful.Thank You.

  5. praneet

    Great ! But how do I place 12v (Vcc) in schematic i.e the positive of battery?For gnd there is gnd but what about Vcc?

  6. Wassy

    Great reference for Eagle CAD. Thank you very much

  7. tirtha

    hey is there a way in which i can add the footprints of ICS that arnt available in d list ?

    • Omkar

      you can create your own library components. See the eagle manual.

  8. Elif

    Where can I find 2N2222 or BC109 in Eagle?

    • Omkar

      library : Transistors>2N2222

      or simply put search for “2N2222″ in search box of “ADD” dialog.

  9. Dave

    Are you trying to say a 1N4148 is a 3 amp Diode?

    • Omkar

      Opps sorry. Thanks for pointing it out. It should be 1N5408.

  10. This is immensely useful, especially for those of us who are new to eagle and don’t know where all the parts are. The search feature is useless in Eagle. Thank you very much!

    • Omi

      Hey … don’t blame EAGLE, search feature in EGLE is extremely useful, only thing beginners don’t know is …. what to search for :P. And that’s why I have put up this post 😀

  11. Rajan

    Can you please tell where can i find RMC connectors in Eagle SOftware ?