Designer Apple

Mom bought new apple cutter yesterday. After cutting the first apple, I got surprised by its beauty. I quickly grabbed my K750i and clicked some snaps.  See … how beautiful it looked ….


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Comet holmes is visible with naked eye in night sky. Don’t miss this chance. This commet is very simple to identify. See the attached map and follow these steps :

1)First locate the star Mirfak. It is the only brightest star in srrounding region.
2)Now locate second faint star ‘delta persei’ , which is at 5 o’clocks position with respect to mirfak.
3)Now, …

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So…..finally i created my blog !!!!
How was this day ?

…it was holi today….did nothing special … got up at 8am….ate something…did some tp on comp till 10 and lights gone…then took lunch at 12:30 then slept again till 3:30 …while i was abt to sit on comp…lights went again :(….so did TP and cleaned my table,…thought upon some project…..lights came by …

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