Gallery - My line follower robot car

Here is gallery of pics of my Autonomous bot. It a line follower robot car. This bot has evolved over 3 years, from 2004 to 2007. Generally people make 3-4 different bots in this period, however I stuck to same kind of chassis design because of lack of time to re-make whole chassis and funds .

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Getting started with AVR mega16 Kit

Objective : This article explains how to get acquainted with mega16 kit. We will see how to run default demo program and understand board features.

Know your kit  

  • Here is how mega16 Kit looks .Kit comes with following items :
    – mega16 development board with all components mounted.
    – 2 wire power supply connector
    – ISP cable    (5 wire)
    – Serial cable
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Comet holmes is visible with naked eye in night sky. Don’t miss this chance. This commet is very simple to identify. See the attached map and follow these steps :

1)First locate the star Mirfak. It is the only brightest star in srrounding region.
2)Now locate second faint star ‘delta persei’ , which is at 5 o’clocks position with respect to mirfak.
3)Now, …

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After 3-4 years of experience with AVR microcontrollers and robotics, I have designed this developement board based around mega16/32 AVR. This board can be readily used for robotics, project developement, product developement, as drop-in board.

Board Features :

  • – supports : mega16/32 AVR uC. With easy to use ZIF socket.
  • – Pins headers are provided for all ports of uC….so that any signal
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AVR parallel port programmer circuit diagram

In this post we are going to see how to Make your own, ultra simple, and universal AVR programmer. Two types of AVR programmers can be built:

1)Parallel port
2)Serial port

Serial Port based AVR ISP Programmer

Serial port programmer(reference: At-Prog) is shown here. Main advantage of using serial port is you can have cable length upto 2m. You can use PonyProg2000

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So…..finally i created my blog !!!!
How was this day ?

…it was holi today….did nothing special … got up at 8am….ate something…did some tp on comp till 10 and lights gone…then took lunch at 12:30 then slept again till 3:30 …while i was abt to sit on comp…lights went again :(….so did TP and cleaned my table,…thought upon some project…..lights came by …

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