1. thank you for sharing this article, helped a lot tome.


  2. An excellent tutorial indeed. Most enjoyed it, you know how to make a dry subject interesting

  3. Kevin McQuiggin

    Looks like your comments processing script strips out left and right angle brackets.

    Where I said “#include” above, I had actually typed:

    #include stdio.h

    With left and right angle brackets surrounding stdio.h.

  4. Kevin McQuiggin

    Hi there! Excellent tutorial. I am trying to follow it, but currently there is no “stdio redirect” middleware option for the 328/328P chip. The “wizard” must have been updated since your post in February.

    There is, however, a “printf support” option on the USART configuration page. I tried checking that but no luck.

    The project won’t build as it cannot find “printf”. I tried adding “#include ” to the main.c file. Then the project builds, but when I upload it to my chip there is no serial output

    Any suggestions appreciated! Once again, really good newbie tutorial, but the issue as always is the speed of the moving target with these online “configuration generator” wizards.


    • tombe691

      I have the same problem, did you or anyone else solve the problem with missing stdio?


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