After 3-4 years of experience with AVR microcontrollers and robotics, I have designed this developement board based around mega16/32 AVR. This board can be readily used for robotics, project developement, product developement, as drop-in board.

Board Features :

  • – supports : mega16/32 AVR uC. With easy to use ZIF socket.
  • – Pins headers are provided for all ports of uC….so that any signal can be tapped and board’s functionality can be extended
  • – slot for crystal, so it can be changed. default crystal 16MHz
  • – 6 Voltage dividers for 6 ADC inputs. Helps you to measure almost any voltage levels even in excess of 5V.
  • – 8 LEDs on PORTB for debugging purpose.
  • -MAX232 provided for serial interface with PC
  • – 3 Tact switches(buttons) for user input – Two L293D motor driver IC. Each one has 4 H bridges and capacity of 500mA per bridge. This can be used for driving 4 DC motors or 2 Stepper motor.
  • – One of the two L293D IC, is connected to PWM out pins (OC1A,OC1B). This can be used for motor control using PWM
  • – Separate voltage regulator is provided for L293D. This helps you to provide any customary voltage to load.
  • – One Speaker for audio generation.
  • – Some prototyping area to build your own circuit, or connect small ICs(like EEPROMs) to microcontroller
  • – Supports In System Programming (ISP) using cable provided. – NO SMD COMPONENTS. So that you can replace any component on the board with your desired ones. Board Accessories:
  • – In System Programming cable. Connects to printer port of PC.
  • – Serial cable, to connect to SERIAL port of PC.
  • – One 8 Pin, Two 4 Pin, One 3 Pin, ready made connectors with wires attached.

#Board Information Sheet

#Circuit Diagram




  • -Evaluation version of CodeVisionAVR C compiler.(Supports upto 2KB of hex code)
  • – PonyProg2000. For burning your hex files into controller.
  • – Couple of sample programs



To encourage embedded enthusiats and help them to implement their ideas easily, price of the kit is quite low and thus affordable. Developement Kit, with such features, from other companies have exorbitant prices. If you want more info please contact me on my e-mail or scrap on orkut.

There are also other options available to order kit selectively…

> without : ZIF socket/ one L293D/ both L293D or combination of these options. Kit will cost less accordingly.
> Only blank PCB (no kit)

If not in stock, it will take around 10-15days to fullfill order. Contact

Cost(with mega16) : Rs 950/- Only (shipping extra)
Cost(with mega32) : Rs 990/- Only (shipping extra)
Blank PCB : Rs 230/- Only (shipping extra)
– Only few kits are available as of now. More will be available after 17th feb.
– Cost CAN be reduced, by not ordering kit with either/all of following things
>No L293D ( -55 for each )
>No mega16 ( -90 )
>No ZIF socket ( -70)



This is how it looks :

# sample PCB, hence without green coating

# final PCB, with green coating and silk print

# This is the way it can be used for diffrent projects

s_mega16brdv3-blankpcb.jpg # The blank PCB. You can use this PCB in your final product/project and
solder only required components.

# The Complete Kit.

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  1. Hammad

    Hi elecrom
    I want to purchase this development board. Please contact me on this email: [email protected]

    • Elecrom


      I do not sell these boards anymore. I would recommend you to go with Arduino Uno –


  2. Ankit Mutha

    Gr8 work.. I really liked the complete design and the finished product looks gr8.. i have designed and fabricated several single sided pcbs for same mcu or myself but i didnt know of this green coat. anyways gr8 work..

  3. Lee Foerster

    Hi elecrom,

    Would you be interested in making a photo reflective sensor board with a dc motor driver for our new product?
    We would pay you well. One of our partners is from India and has connections there. Also we plan on producing our product in India.
    Let me know if you are interested.


  4. elecrom


    Yes it can be easily done.

  5. Lee Foerster

    Hi elecrom,

    I need help making a photoreflective IR sensor switch to turn on a dc motor when an object is detected and then turn off the motor once the object leaves the detection area. Can this be achieved by using your Mega16/32 kit?



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