In this post we will see how to install windows driver for USBasp. Steps explained below are applicable for WindowsXP:

Download driver:

If you don’t have driver, windows drivers for USBasp can be downloaded from:

Extract the downloaded archive into some directory.

Installing driver:

Connect USBasp to USB port of your computer. New hardware found dialog box will appear.
-In this select ‘Install from a list or specific location’.
-Click ‘Next’.


– Select ‘Don’t search …’
– Click Next


– Click ‘Have Disk’


‘Install from disk’ dialog box will appear.
– Click ‘Browse’


Now browse for ‘usbasp.inf’ file. This fill will be located in : <extracted directory>binwin-driver.
– Browse and select the file and click ‘Open’.
– Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Install from disk’ dialog box


Now you should see ‘USBasp’  model list.
– Select ‘USBasp’ from model list.
– Click ‘Next’

then windows will install the given driver.

step6 step7

Now your USBasp is ready for use.

To know how to use AVRdude and USBasp for writing hex files into microcontroller see the following post :
AVRDude Tutorial : Burning hex files using USBasp and AVRdude

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  1. Mahesh

    thanks, third method work for me, m using WIn7 64 Bit Ent endtion

  2. mahendra kumar

    this method is not working for win xp ,32 bit

    error : could not found usb device “usbasp” with vid=0x16c0 pid0x5dc


  3. Arjun Rai

    thanks a lot Nandan…… worked for me in the first attempt only.

  4. nandan

    there are 3 tested methods to install the usbasp driver for windows 7. one is using the driver signature enforcement override method, the other is directly editing the .inf file & the third one i have explained below. this worked for me when the first two failed…

    follow these steps to install the usbasp drivers on windows 7 for both 64bit and 32 bit platform

    1)download the zipped folder LibUSB-64bitfrom the following link

    2)plug your USBasp programmer into the USB port

    3)extract the file and browse to LibUSB-64bitlibusb-win32-bin-

    4)run inf-wizard.exe

    5)Inf-wizard will start, click Next

    6)select the device ‘USBasp’ from the lsit of devices shown and click next

    7)make sure these values are associated with the give parameters before proceeding

    vendor ID (hex format) = 0x16C0
    product ID (hex format) = 0x05DC
    mi (hex format) = leave it blank
    manufacturer name = VOTI
    device name = USBasp

    then click next

    8)save the information file ‘.inf’ generated in

    (for 64 bit users)

    (for 32 bit users)

    9)click install now to install the driver

    10)if a windows warning appears telling this driver is not verified , just click on ‘install this driver software anyway’

    11)once the driver completes installation saying ‘installation successful’ click ok

    thats it! you are good to go!

    note – im using 64 bit edition of windows ultimate and this procedure worked for me when all the others failed. i have not tested this procedure for 32 bit systems though.

    • Truong Nguyen

      Thanks, that worked for me

    • mihir

      Worked for me too…. Thanks…
      Can I get your mail id??

    • syaiful

      when i am on step “9”
      error installing driver :
      operation not supported or not implemented

    • Ashok

      I had been searching this for weeks.
      I am Very much thankful to you for making it work.


    • Thanks, Worked for me!

  5. shan

    how to install drivers on kubuntu (linux)??

  6. amit

    the window does not recognize the usbasp


  7. I’ve made a tutorial how you can get 64 support for usbasp:


  8. The .cap files must be selfsigned, at least. (We have a selfsigned driver at our page: Then run Win Vistax64/ Win 7×64 in “testsigning-mode” by using bcdedit (-> readme.txt).

  9. James

    Solution found.

    It’s just driver signature issue on Vista 64.

    I already said that it works fine on XP and linux, probably also on Vista 32 as reported (just ignore no signature there).

    On Vista 64 Kernel is made in a way it by default need signed drivers from microsoft or other authority otherwise driver won’t install and won’t run on system.

    The easy way is to connect device to an usb port when running vista 64 os, then install driver anyway, ignoring that have no signature, from disk (the ones you download as explained before), then triangle appears in device management. At this point you have tried to install driver but system will not use that piece of software cause have no signature !

    This is a bit strange cause MS Vista 64 let you ignore this aspect during install, but then driver don’t work.


    Reboot Vista 64, during boot press a number of times F8 key, till a list will appear.

    Select from bottom of the list “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” or something like that and let system boot.

    Then login and go to device management: you’ll see that once USBASP is connected the device don’t show anymore the yellow triangle and works as expected.

    Run avrdude or extremeBurnerAVR to test if works (and now it will do without problems).

    Trick of disable signature at boot with F8 options is good… but there are others, maybe better, I don’t know.

    I read you can do the same in a session from command line with admin privileges or using management console.

    Anyway, if are in a hurry use F8 option list and disable before system boot: all will work as espected.


    • Elecrom

      Thanks for sharing this info.

  10. James

    Hi there,
    I tried all drivers I found, including the 64-bit one here on my Vista(64) and nothing works.

    The silly thing is that when running linux on same machine (dual boot) I see programmer using lsusb and avrdude works as expected and so it’s not hardware issue but just software.

    The drivers for Vista 64-bit are not good cause I get the yellow triangle on device management panel and so driver do not install good in any case.

    I tested also my usbasp programmer on another PC with XP and works OK without any problem.

    Until now I tested on XP, Ubuntu, Knoppix and a couple of other linux and all the times worked.

    Problems there are in Vista (64bit) cause of drivers and USB ports usage by OS.

    Just that, so someone please fix that thing.

    btw I’m trying also to compile avrdude in 64-bit using gcc and cygwin (so far with no success cause I need libusb and have to install) but maybe someone will do faster than me. The trick is at usb drivers for 64bit and avrdude if use it.



  11. hi, i can’t install this driver, because dont have digital firm, i installed perfectly in Virtual Machine windows XP,but its very boring
    help me!!!
    i am a student, i need it as soon as possible


  12. I have the 64 bit drivers on my site .

  13. hrishikesh pradhan

    hi ,
    i have USBASP and a windows vista(64 bit) OS. i tried to use the drivers suggested by you.but they didnt work at i found latest drivers on link: in the file the installation of drivers was started with drivers but couldnt end properly due to lack of ‘digital sign’ on product(as appeared at the end of setup).can you help me with this problem?

    • elecrom

      Drivers provided by me were only for xp/vista 32bit.
      When you install new drivers on vista and if it points that drivers are not digitally signed, then simply accept that and force it to continue.

      • hrishikesh pradhan

        i have installed windows xp on my pc using microsoft virtual pc tool.but now the problem is the usb port of my pc is used by host operating system and not by guest OS ie. xp .due to this the usb programmer is not getting recognized on XP.can you help?



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